Emporio Armani Originals Model AR-11360


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Emporio Armani AR11360 is a practical and attractive Gents watch, this time with its 3-faced sports Chronograph and look that will draw attention to your wrist

# Emporio Armani
# Originals
# Model AR-11360
# 7A
# For Men
# Original Size – 12mm / 43mm dial
# Specification

# High-End Quartz Stopwatch Machinery with and without warranty as stated in pricing below

# Rotating Black Tachymeter Ceramic finish Bezel & Steel Case

# Black/Grey Luminous dial with Chronograph featuring secs/mins/hrs and stopwatch

# Stainless steel thick Steel Silver with Armani Butterfly lock

# Steel Chronograph buttons & Embossed Case back


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